Work Your Core

You want a flat stomach, so you do crunches all day every day. Yet you don’t notice any changes. That’s because your abs are made up of so much more than just the abdominal muscles that make up our six-pack. We need the entire core to be strong to make

Abs of Steel

Yes, it is true. You can do crunches for days and never see the results you’re looking for! For a cutting edge exercise that tones the abdominal muscles like nothing else, try a Swiss-Ball Jackknife. All you need is a medicine ball and your own body weight. Roll forward on

Get Toned Arms With This Move

The Summer Olympics may have just ended, but summer isn’t over! Incorporating resistance training workouts into your routine can help you lose weight, build muscle, and create a beautiful definition without adding bulk. You can give your arms an amazing workout without adding weights by using simple, yet effective exercises.

Get a VolleyBall Butt with These Moves

Do you ever wonder why volleyball players have such great glutes?  A volleyball player must be able to jump high and have power to spike a ball at the same time. This requires plyometric training, which is characterized by explosive movements such as box jumps, jumping scissor lunges, power skips

A Time for Reflection

I always love the week before New Years. It’s like the eye of the storm. Leading up to it, you have the joyful frenzy of the holidays – shopping, parties, family, cooking, and of course eating! On the other side, you have the New Year, a time when everyone whips

The Perfect Pushup

What does your pushup look like? The pushup is one of the most effective upper body and core exercises when done properly. Check out our video to make sure you are getting the most out of this exercise.