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Get Toned Arms With This Move

The Summer Olympics may have just ended, but summer isn’t over! Incorporating resistance training workouts into your routine can help you lose weight, build muscle, and create a beautiful definition without adding bulk. You can give your arms an amazing workout without adding weights by using simple, yet effective exercises. Keep those arms in tank top shape by adding this move to your workouts 2-3 days a week for the best results!

Push-up with a single leg raise: Come to your hands and knees, with your hands directly under your shoulders; fingers facing forward. Come into a plank position, reaching your legs back. Brace your core, keeping your neck in line with the spine. Lower your body toward the floor, bending the elbows until your chest or chin touch the floor. Important: don’t let your rib cage or low back sage, and keep your hips from hiking upward. As your arms straighten, lift one leg off the floor. Rairivastfiso . Repeat 8-10 times, maintaining good form. Do this up to 3 times.

Tip: Try the exercise elevated on a bench to make it easier to maintain good form, while working up to completing the exercise on the floor. Just as effective, but safer if you are trying this for the first time!

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