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How Sweet Is Your Drink?

How sweet is your drink? It might be more than you think. If you’re drinking anything besides water, sparkling water, tea, or coffee, chances are you may be drinking a sugar and calorie loaded beverage. While they might be fine in moderation, you may want to take a step back and see exactly how many of these beverages you are consuming daily. Drinks such as cranberry cocktails, sodas, and orange juice should be drunk in smaller amounts because of the high levels of sugar crammed into them. These drinks have more than 12 grams of sugar in a 12 ounce serving, while sometimes even more than 40 grams of sugar in a single serving. This means you may want to stick to just a 4 to 6 ounce glass of your daily OJ.

A lot of sodas are now calorie-free, but the long-term effects on weight are not completely clear. Drinks crammed full of artificial sweeteners should be kept to a minimum. Matky etruske According to the Harvard School of Public Health, “diet drinks with artificial sweeteners may condition our taste buds to crave super-sweet foods.” That in itself defeats the purpose of a calorie-free drink if you are reaching for a frosted donut a few minutes later.

So while all of these drinks can be consumed in moderation, leave it at that. Stick to nature’s best source of hydration as much as possible: water. Skim or 2% milk and raw sugar or stevia are great options for your coffee if you need something extra, and it’s hard to go wrong with a nice cup of tea.

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