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Season of Jeans


Ever find yourself wondering how to get your jeans looking just right? Everyone is different, and there are so many different pairs of jeans to choose from. Slim-fit jeans for a little lift, or eye-catching pockets to create the illusion of a round booty… the list goes on and on. Why not buy the jeans of your dreams this fall by lifting and toning your seat  in two simple exercises?

First, try a squat with a kickback. Start with your feet hips distance apart, and go down into a squat, with your fists in front of your chest. You want to make sure you put your weight into your heels, not your toes. Lift out of the squat by extending one leg back behind you (keeping your foot flexed) as you extend your arms forward. Then return to your squat and repeat on the other leg. Alternate for one minute. Think of keeping your hips square to the floor the entire time.

Second, try a plie squat. This is a no-nonsense exercise that will lift and firm your glutes. Feet should be slightly wider than hips distance, with your toes pointing out. Ysletmucompcans . Your arms should be straight out in front of you. Lower into a squat, then come back up and repeat. Do this for one minute, or more. To make it more difficult, add pulses at your lowest point for 20-30 seconds.

Tip: Keep your knees tracking towards your middle toe, without letting them move past your toes. Tuck your tailbone under and squeeze your glutes.

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