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Tricks To Power Through The Afternoon

It’s the middle of a long work day, and you’re in a bad mood. We all get that tired, sluggish feeling at some point during the day, and it can be hard to combat. Believe it or not, nutritional deficiencies can contribute to mood swings. Yes, the triple-layer chocolate cake looks delicious… and no, that will not give you anything more than a temporary bliss. In fact, you may feel worse after consuming such a large quantity of sugar. . However, there are some foods that could make you feel a lot better. Good news: you can still have chocolate! When you’re feeling stressed, chocolate (especially dark chocolate) can help reduce those stress hormones. . A recent study published in the Journal of Proteome Research found that eating a little dark chocolate (about 1.4 ounces) can reduce the stress hormones cortisol and catecholamines, which in turn reduces anxiety. And who couldn’t use a little more chocolate to brighten up their day?

When you’re feeling sluggish, turn to the wisdom of Popeye. Spinach is a folate-rich food, which will help boost the blood flow to your brain. This is important when you need a pick-me-up that will help you focus on your day. Add some spinach to your salad or sandwich at lunch.

If you’re just in a bad mood, try having a piece of fruit with peanut butter. An apple with two tbsp of peanut butter may do the trick. Chances are you may need a healthy snack to give you a little fuel to make it through the afternoon, and the combination of carbohydrates with healthy fat will give you just what you need. Matky etruske Need a bigger pick-me-up? Add some dark chocolate chips to your peanut butter for a power snack. Use some of these tricks, and you may find yourself being able to power through the day just a bit stronger than the day before.

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