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Work Your Core

You want a flat stomach, so you do crunches all day every day. Yet you don’t notice any changes. That’s because your abs are made up of so much more than just the abdominal muscles that make up our six-pack. We need the entire core to be strong to make the biggest difference in our bodies. The core consists of the muscles that stabilize the pelvis and spine, and make up the entire length of the torso. A strong core will protect your back, improve postural imbalances, and improve athletic performance. Matky etruske Not to mention give you some awesome cosmetic benefits, including a flat tummy and a sleek, sexy back.

The plank is the best way to work your entire core, so try holding a plank at least once a day to give yourself a full body workout in just one simple move. Try it for one minute without dropping. As you get stronger, hold it 5 or 10 seconds longer until you reach anything from 2 minutes or more.

When you’re ready to take it a step further, get into plank position on a medicine ball. This will challenge your balance because the instability of the ball will cause you to use more muscles from your core. Keep your abs pulled in, and hold the position. To make it more difficult, roll the ball forward and back as you balance to engage the abs one step further.

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