If you have visited our facility in the past year, you may have already been greeted by this vibrant young lady. Aside from teaching classes, Paige is also the lead Front Desk person at Living Fitness. If you take a class from her, you will quickly see that she was born to dance and teach as she demonstrates the moves. She executes each exercise with profound precision, grace and beauty.

As a former competitive dancer, Paige won numerous regional and national awards since the age of seven. She traveled around the country at a young age as an Assistant Dancer to numerous Choreographers. Her strength, flexibility, body awareness and passion for movement have made for a natural transition into a career in fitness. Paige became one of the first people to get certified to teach BootyBarrea and Piloxinga in Orange County and teaches these formats exclusively at Living Fitness.

While one can expect Paige’s routines to be physically demanding, they are structured and taught in such a way that makes them fun and enjoyable for all training populations. Her love of teaching and helping others to be active and stay healthy is apparent.